Our Residents

Current Residents

The following artists, writers, and composers are scheduled to join us in the first half of 2015:

Steve Snell (Visual artist, Hastings, NE), Sarah Phillips (Visual artist, Brooklyn, NY), Kristina Paabus (Visual artist, Oberlin, OH), Lisa Knopp (Writer, Lincoln, NE), Nina C. Young (Composer, New York, NY), Sonia Scherr (Writer, Dover, NH), Anke Becker (Visual artist, Berlin, Germany), Qiuxiao Li (Composer, Kansas City, MO), Esme Wang (Writer, San Francisco, CA), Anthony Barilla (Interdisciplinary, Houston, TX), Carolyn Chen (Composer, La Jolla, CA), Eva Nikolova (Visual artist, New York, NY), Dong Li (Writer, Suzhou, China), Kristina Darling (Writer, Ballwin, MO), Renee Couture (Visual artist, Glide, OR), Alexander Oslance (Visual artist, Oakland, CA), Gabriella Tallmadge (Writer, Murrieta, CA), Jonathan Ade (Interdisciplinary, Spartanburg, SC), Tyler Capp (Composer, Mechanicsburg, PA), Crystal Kim (Writer, New York, NY), Shea Wilkinson (Visual artist, Omaha, NE), Aaron Raz Link (Writer, Portland, OR), Sarah E. Brook (Visual Artist, Brooklyn, NY), Glendaliz Camacho (Writer, New York, NY), Debra Weiner (Writer, Chicago, IL), Nathan Miller (Visual artist, New York, NY), Curtis Uhlemann (Interdisciplinary, Austin, TX), Eliot Fisher (Interdisciplinary, Sante Fe, NM), Erica Gionfriddo (Interdisciplinary, Austin, TX), Petra Kuppers (Interdisciplinary, Ann Arbor, MI), Claudia Putnam (Writer, Glenwood Springs, CO), Deborah Hardt (Visual artist, Brooklyn, NY, Alison Barker (Writer, New Orleans, LA), Ted Moore (Composer, Minneapolis, MN), Elizabeth Moran (Visual artist, San Francisco, CA), Ellen Mueller (Visual artist, Buckhannon, WV), Kit Frick (Writer, Brooklyn, NY), Sally Franson (Writer, Minneapolis, MN), Rachel Ostrow (Visual artist, Brooklyn, NY), Sarah Berkeley (Visual artist, Lincoln, NE), Serena Lin (Writer, Los Angeles, CA), Carl Bettendorf (Composer, Bronx, NY)

Previous Session Residents

The following artists, writers, and composers joined us in the second half of 2014:

Morgan Craig (Visual Artist, Philadelphia, PA), Filippo Santoro (Composer, Madison, WI), Kateri Kosek (Writer, Hopewell Jct., NY), Beth Livensperger (Visual Artist, Ridgewood, NY), Dena Afrasiabi (Writer, Austin, TX), Katya Grokhovsky (Visual Artist, Brooklyn, NY), Stephen Lewis (Composer, La Jolla, CA), Stephanie Carpenter (Writer, Hancock, MI), Heidi Naylor (Writer, Boise, ID), Marshall Elliott (Visual Artist, Oakland, CA), Ariana Nash (Writer, Wilmington, NC), Rose Nestler (Visual Artist, Brooklyn, NY), Judith Torrea (Writer, Ciudad Juárez, Mexico), Young-jin Jeon (Composer, Tuscaloosa, AL), Elysha Chang (Writer, Brooklyn, NY), Ashley Ryba (Visual Artist, Lincoln, NE), Daniel Fishback (Interdisciplinary Artist, Brooklyn, NY), Sean Lyman (Visual Artist, Springfield, MO), Sophie Barbasch (Visual Artist, New York, NY), Lily Hamrick (Writer, Berkeley, CA), Liz Heller (Visual Artist, Madison, WI), Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich (Writer, Allentown, PA), David Samuel Stern (Visual, Brooklyn, NY), Diane Christianson (Visual Artist, Chicago, IL), Geoff Watkinson (Writer, Norfolk, VA), Juliet Jacobson (Visual Artist, Brooklyn, NY), Elizabeth Tannen (Writer, Minneapolis, MN), Thomas Kotcheff (Composer, Beverly Hills, CA), Eunice Choi (Visual Artist, South Korea), Mi-Hee Nahm (Visual Artist, Liberty Hill, TX), Claire Stanford (Writer, Minneapolis, MN), Jessamine Chan (Writer, Brooklyn, NY), Adam Zahller (Composer, Lincoln, NE), Jennifer Bockelman (Visual Artist, Seward, NE)

Past Residents

Since 2001, the residency has hosted more than 500 creative individuals, a varied combination of visual artists, writers, composers, and interdisciplinary artists from across the country and around the world. Each has found privacy in which to create along with ample opportunities to interact with fellow artists in a friendly community located in the rolling bluff country of southeastern Nebraska.

A number of these artists have chosen to donate to the permanent collection housed in the common areas of the Center. Works by previous visual art residents are on display throughout the halls while the books, manuscripts and musical recordings of former writers and composers are available for viewing and listening in the main gallery space.




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