Permanent Collection

The spacious common areas of the Center display works by previous visual art residents. Books, manuscripts and musical recordings by former writers and composers are available to current residents and visitors. This permanent collection of over 300 works of art, literature, and music continues to grow as each artist is invited, but not obligated, to donate a piece of work made during their residence.

A selection of the permanent collection artworks from the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts is available to tour educational venues in Nebraska and the region. The exhibition entitled The Residents: Artworks from the KHN Permanent Collection was recently on display at the Hastings College Art Gallery in Hastings, Nebraska from November 3 to December 12, 2014. It is the first time that any of the permanent collection artworks have been exhibited outside the walls of the Center’s home in Nebraska City.

Donated artworks from the following artists-in-residence were included the exhibition at Hastings College:
Robin Adsit (2008), Dave Beck (2009), Angela Behrends (2001), Jordan Buschur (2013), Eric Carlson (2013), Marshall Elliott (2014), Joy Erb (2014), Maryann Ficker (2012), Michael Frels (2010), Meghan Gordon (2007), Cynthia Gregory (2011), Katya Grokhovsky (2014), Shelby Head (2005), Leslie Iwai (2008), Mari LaCure (2009), David Linneweh (2008), Abshalom Jac Lahav (2004), Maria Michails (2010), Kathleen Scott Moore (2013), Rose Nestler (2014), Frances Osugi (2004), Marcie Paper (2004), Ashley Ryba (2014), Natalie Sorenson (2012), Jon Sours (2013), Trudie Teijink (2013), Gwen Walstrand (2008), Jessica Witte (2005), Jave Yoshimoto (2012), Andrew Zimmerman (2013), Deborah Zlotsky (2012)

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