How do I apply for a residency?

Applications for KHN residencies must be submitted through our online application process. A $35 application fee applies to online submissions and is collected through the application portal. Applications received via USPS mail or email will not be considered and exceptions will not be made. Be sure to review all application guidelines prior to completing your online application. Apply Now.

Is there a fee to apply?

Yes, there is a $35 application fee. The fee must be paid via credit card through our online application portal at the time of submission. KHN is unable to accept checks, money orders, or other forms of payment. We are not able to waive the application fee.

Can the application fee be waived?

No, we are not able to waive the application fee.

When will I hear back about my application and how will I be notified?

All notifications will be sent via email from an @khncenterforthearts.org address.

  • For our March 1st deadline, you will be notified by email no later than May 1st.
  • For our September 1st deadline, you will be notified by email no later than November 1st.
Will my references automatically be contacted for a letter of recommendation?

No, we will only contact references once the external jury process is complete and we are making final determination of our awardee and wait lists. If you have been offered a residency, but were unable to accept, or have been placed on our wait list within the previous two years and we already have reference/recommendations for you on file, we may forego contacting additional references. 

Do you accept applications for collaborations?

Yes, we do accept applications from artists wishing to work at KHN in collaboration with another artist(s).

Each applicant must complete a separate application but should note in their statement of intent that they are applying as a collaborative team (DO NOT WRITE THE NAME OF COLLABORATING ARTIST IN YOUR STATEMENT). Each artist should submit work samples that represent their own personal work as well as samples of previous collaboration with the proposed collaborator(s). It is possible that one person of a collaboration may be admitted to the program without the other.

How long is a residency?

Residencies range from 2-8 weeks in length. We make our best attempt to accommodate awardees’ first choice in residency length; however, we are not always able to do so due to limited space within each session.

Can I bring my pet, partner, child, or friend?

We know, your dog / cat / partner / child / friend is the sweetest, most well behaved individual who hardly makes any noise and never, at least almost never, bites! We know.

But out of courtesy to one and all, pets of any kind are not permitted in KHN’s facilities.

Residents are welcome to invite visitors but they cannot be accommodated for overnight stays; no exceptions will be made. We are happy to recommend an area hotel or B&B.

I do not live in the United States, am I eligible to apply for a residency?

Yes, we welcome and encourage applications and residents from across the globe. If selected, you are responsible for your own travel arrangements and expenses. All applications must be submitted in English and conversational English language skills are required.

Where do I find the discipline-specific guidelines for download?

Discipline-specific guideline files are located at the bottom of our How to Apply page.

How large are your visual arts studios?

Visual artists work in one of three studios, two of which are approximately 425 square feet, or 20’ x 20’, and one that is 258 square feet, or 12’ x 20’. All studios have running water, storage shelves, work tables, track and flourescent lighting plus great natural light. A select grouping of hand tools are available for check out but visual artists should anticipate bringing the tools and all materials needed for their process. Studios have heat and A/C but no direct exhaust ventilation. Artists should use only odorless or low odor solvents.

An onsite letterpress studio is also available for artists with previous letterpress printing experience. The letterpress studio is outfitted with a sp15 Vandercook press, a standard proof press, type, solvents, and a 12”x19” boxcar base.

Gallery/Permanent Collection

Is the KHN Gallery open to the public?

Yes. During exhibitions, the KHN gallery is open to the public Monday—Friday, 10am-5pm or by appointment. If you are interested in scheduling a private or group tour, please give us a call or email info@khncenterforthearts.org.

How do I apply for an exhibition?

At KHN, we host six or more exhibitions annually showcasing the work emerging and established Nebraska-based artists, regional artists, and former residents. Proposals for solo or group exhibitions are accepted on an ongoing basis. All mediums are considered. For more information, go to our Exhibitions Opportunities page.

What is the Kimmel Permanent Collection?

The Kimmel Permanent Collection includes over 450 works of art, literature, and music that have been gifted to the center by former residents. A rotating selection of works are on display throughout KHN's public spaces and available for viewing during regular gallery hours. Many works within the collection can also be viewed online.

Are residents required to donate work to the permanent collection?

Residents are encouraged but not required to donate work the the Kimmel Permanent Collection upon completion of their residency.


Where is KHN located?

KHN is located at 801 3rd Corso, Nebraska City, NE 68410.

Located in a luxury residential prairie-style triplex just two blocks from Nebraska City's vibrant Central Avenue, KHN is conveniently located within walking distance of numerous shops, restaurants, parks, and cultural attractions.

What is the best way to get to Nebraska City?

By Car: Nebraska City is located in Southeast Nebraska along the Missouri River and is easily accessible by several major interstates and highways.

By Train, Bus, or Air: Nebraska City is approximately 50 miles from Omaha Eppley Airfield (OMA) and 60 miles from the Lincoln Airport (LNK). The Omaha airport is larger and generally provides more flight options and at lower fares than travel into Lincoln. The closest bus and train depots are also located in Omaha and Lincoln.*

*At this time there is no regular public transportation between Lincoln or Omaha and Nebraska City. There are car rental services at the airports, but there are no car-return options in Nebraska City. If you rent a car you will need to keep it throughout the duration of your residency. The Kimmel Foundation currently provides residents with taxi fare from Omaha or Lincoln to KHN at the time of arrival and departure—specifics on utilizing this support is provided upon offer of a residency.

What is the weather like in Nebraska City?

It is very hard to predict the weather in Nebraska. It can change dramatically from day to day. Southeast Nebraska experiences a full spectrum of seasonal ideals and extremes from very cold in the winter to very hot and humid in the summer—and sometimes a little bit of unseasonable everything mixed in between—just to keep things interesting.

Check with the National Weather Service or give us a call before you pack to check in on current and expected weather conditions.




What are KHN's office and gallery hours?

KHN staff is available during regular office hours, Monday-Friday.

During exhibitions, the KHN Gallery is open to the public from 10 am to 5 pm.

Because there are only two staff members at KHN, visitors are encouraged to call ahead as offsite meetings or appointments may occasionally require our absence.

Does KHN provide art classes, workshops, and summer art camps?

On occasion, KHN will host a hands-on workshop or class led by a resident or exhibiting artist. We do not provide regularly scheduled classes or workshops.

If you are a member of the Nebraska City community and are interested in using KHN's classroom space, free of charge, to provide arts-related programming, please contact staff for more details.