Resident Testimonials

The most valuable part of my time at KHN was the complete freedom and unstructured time to dive deep into the work. I also really appreciated the warmth and friendliness of the staff; it's clear they care about us and are here for us 100%. KHN centers artists and their work by creating an environment conducive to creativity, concentration and play, and for this I am deeply grateful.

Elaine Kim
Writer, 2021 - Brooklyn, NY

The staff were wonderfully friendly, made us feel welcome immediately, and were unfailingly helpful and supportive throughout my time in residence.

I felt I needed a kind of solitude, and I was able to find that at KHN; I could create my daily regimen and stick to it, without thought to other obligations

Wally Gunn
Composer, 2021 - Jackson Heights, NY

The KHN Center is calm and inviting, and the staff couldn't be more supportive. The variety of previous residents' original artwork displayed throughout the large apartment (#3) and the Center gave me joy and encouraged me. In addition to the time to focus on my project, I am grateful for the Third Thursday event, where community members engaged with us as we shared our work.

Nicole Nelson
Writer, 2021 - Newport Beach, California

I enjoyed the amount of space and time to really devote to the work--it's very artist-directed and so felt very generous, as I could really spend entire days scheduled the way I wanted (with as much or as little social activity as desired). The residency is quiet and a good place to focus on the work.

Isabel Yap
Writer, 2021 - Atherton, California

I was very thankful for the basement apartment, which was quiet and provided ample room for writing. I wrote at the desk, on the couch, in the rocking chair (my very favorite) and in bed. I loved that I could come and go as needed. The full kitchen allowed me to bring in groceries and fix whatever meals I preferred.

It was so fun to be able to walk around Nebraska City's downtown area to shop, have a meal, or just explore. I tried just about every shop on Central and enjoyed talking with shop owners and other clientèle.

Lisa Hase-Jackson
Writer, 2021 - Charleston, South Carolina

My residency at Kimmel Harding Nelson was transformative. Because of the precious time and space the program provided, I was able to refocus on my studio practice free of outside distractions. The Center is quiet, allowing solitude and concentration unconstrained by daily obligations. One of my favorite things to do was to sit reading on the apartment balcony or in the courtyard. I enjoyed having a small cohort of creatives and the once weekly casual meet ups. Nebraska City was an ideal location for me because of its proximity to several trails and parks along with the one-block walk to downtown shops. When I needed a break from the studio there were plenty of interesting locations to explore. The apartment was well equipped with appliances and cooking utensils, it is spacious and I loved having artwork to look at within the apartment and throughout the Center.

Lauren Peterson
Visual Artist, 2021 - Georgia

The quiet, the freedom to use my time however I needed and the respect of both that time and of my creative self and practice, the vast and well-appointed comfortable apartment, and the new city to explore. Having a studio to myself all for writing was also delightful and made me wish I had that at home!

Colleen Hollister
Writer, 2021 - Baltimore, MD

My favorite aspect of the residency was the undistracted, solitary time to work! My studio (#2) was wonderful with both the natural and track lighting and the garage door.

Myszka Lewis
Visual Artist, 2018 — Madison, WI

There's so much I like! I like the intimate nature of the residency and how the very excellent alone time is balanced with just a bit of togetherness with the organized lunch and invites to some stuff in town. I love the Third Thursday open house.

Betsy Andrews
Writer, 2018 — Brooklyn, NY

I thought the number of residents was perfect. It was easy to get to know everyone, and feel comfortable here. Both my living and studio accommodations were very comfortable and welcoming.

Hannah Newman
Visual Artist, 2018 — Springfield, MO