Resident Testimonials

I think the facility at KHN could not be more ideally suited for an artist residency program. I felt like I was staying in a very comfortable private home and I had everything that I needed to do my work, and having the private bathroom and spacious kitchen was wonderful.

Gary Peter
Writer, 2017 — St. Paul, MN

Peace and quiet. Beautiful facilities! Piano was great, staff was very friendly and helpful. And that Mexican place is EXCELLENT.

Jonathan Russ
Composer, 2017 — Brooklyn, NY

KHN is a wonderful facility in a beautiful space. It was great to have time to focus on my work, and I took advantage of the location to photograph several nearby prairies and natural areas.

Amanda Breitbach
Visual Artist, 2017 —Lincoln, NE

The staff was so helpful and accommodating. I couldn't believe how easy they made everything. They also were always ready to find things for me and share resources. This made everything so much easier since I had travelled from too far to bring a lot of extra items for my studio practice. I loved that there was a mix of writers, artists and composers. This mix made for great conversations and interesting meetings.

Julia Staples
Visual Artist, 2017 — Philadelphia, PA

The space and set up were great! This is one of my favorite residencies thus far. The location of the apartment wasn't too far from civilization but also in a good area for it not to be super noisy nor was there lots of traffic or other sounds. The middle school across the street wasn't at all a distraction. I also really loved the dessert spots and greatly appreciated the staff's flexibility and availability to help, answer questions, drive you to the store when needed. All the details were thought of right down to a bathroom mat and miscellaneous supplies available in its own closet.

Jennifer Baker
Writer, 2017 — Kew Gardens, NY

This was the first time I'd ever had my own living space and studio, and time to structure as I pleased, so everything was a revelation to me. The pace of Nebraska City was a welcome shift from New York and I found it to be very welcoming without being intrusive (and just pedestrian-friendly enough).

Rachel Peters
Composer, 2017 — Brooklyn, NY

I love my room, I love my studio, I love that the town is calm and peaceful and pretty. It's so relaxing here. No one bothers me, and I feel free.

Dan Fishback
Composer, 2017 — Brooklyn, NY

This has been such an incredible opportunity for me to have the space and time I needed to really develop my artwork. The facilities at KHN are wonderful; I appreciated the garage had tons of wall space, natural light, and was temperature controlled. It made it incredibly easy to just jump right into the work.  

Katherine Bickmore
Visual Artist 2017 — Albany, NY

There is such peace and quiet in a shared home and town is lovely and very conducive to working. The planned trips the store are so helpful as well as transport to/from the airport!

Parini Shroff
Writer, 2017 — Los Altos, CA

I really love the combination of autonomy and support here--I can be self-directed, but there is so much warmth and community as well. The staff is welcoming and communicative, and the facility feels very much like home.

Megan Kruse
Writer, 2017 — San Marcos, TX