Adam Kennaugh

Art Discipline: 
Chicago, IL
United States
Dates of Residence: 
Mar 29, 2021 to Apr 16, 2021

Focused on collaboration and exploration, Adam Kennaugh aims to write music with emotional and dramatic vigor. His music is reflective of the unpredictability of everyday life, investigating the physical energies in producing a sound, which exists in a dense, unstable soundworld between pitch and noise. Through this, his hope is to engage performers and audiences at different emotional and psychological levels, ultimately creating an impactful musical experience for all. 

He has received commissions by the Departure Duo, Altered Sound Duo, the Segetum Saxophone Quartet, and has been a composition fellow at the 2015 Nief-Norf Summer Festival and the 2017 Valencia International Performance Academy and Festival, where his piece GLASS was performed by Ensemble Interface. 

He received a Master of Music in Composition from Bowling Green State University, a Bachelor of Music from Montclair State University, and an Associate of Arts from the County College of Morris.