Andrea Wolper

Art Discipline: 
Brooklyn, NY
United States
Dates of Residence: 
Aug 26, 2019 to Sep 6, 2019

"An audacious artist [who] flouts genre limitations…delivering an inventive, thrilling, appealing musical vision,” singer, songwriter, poet Andrea Wolper works “in a milieu that begins with jazz and reaches out to embrace an expressive area that is uniquely her own." Andrea composes and performs across genres, and her recordings as both leader and side person have landed on many "Best of Year" lists. Andrea’s Cento project combines music with text from various sources, utilizing traditional, non-traditional, and experimental composing methods and musical forms. Andrea is also a writer whose journalism and poetry have appeared in numerous publications; among her works is the book, "Women's Rights, Human Rights: International Feminist Perspectives" (with Julie S. Peters; Routledge). She teaches vocal technique and performance, and clinics at various conservatories. Past President of International Women in Jazz and Advisor to Jazz Vocal Coalition. Helene Wurlitzer Foundation, Ucross Foundation, Newnan Artrez, and Uncool Residency composing fellow.