Carrie Furniss

Art Discipline: 
Ridgewood, NY
United States
Dates of Residence: 
Jul 25, 2022 to Aug 19, 2022

Carrie Furniss is a vocalist, composer, synth player, and educator based in Queens, NY. Carrie’s work has always been about putting herself on display in hopes that listeners can let their guard down and connect. Her compositions for voice and synthesizer investigate our inner monologues, private lives, and American individualism with humor and precision. Her background in experimental improvisation combined with gaudy synth patches and a fascination with popular music marry to create twisted bedroom pop fantasies. Using analog and digital recording techniques, the warmth, distortion, and compression of tape plays a large role in her soundscapes. 

Currently, she is working on an album with experimental electronic duo, Pleaser. Her first solo album, Bitter and Sweet, is currently available on Topos Press.