Clovice Lewis

Art Discipline: 
Upper Lake, CA
United States
Dates of Residence: 
May 9, 2022 to Jun 10, 2022

Clovice is a professional cellist and composer who composed his first symphony at the age of 17, and was the first professor of computer music at UC Santa Barbara from 1978-1986. His music has been performed by numerous orchestras around the United States. He has also been a serial entrepreneur and software designer for the past 35 years. In addition to music and technology, he has had a life-long passion for aviation, and has been a private pilot since 1987. Clovice received a Master of Divinity degree from the Unitarian Universalist Starr King School for the Ministry in May 2021. His ministry emphasizes breaking down racial, class, and ethnic barriers, and preaching the gospel of the madness of human self-extinction. Clovice, his wife Carol, and two cats are co-owners of an 11 acre organic walnut farm in Northern California.