Dawn Stetzel

Art Discipline: 
Seaview, WA
United States
Dates of Residence: 
Aug 21, 2023 to Sep 22, 2023

Dawn Stetzel is an artist living on the Long Beach Peninsula on the southern coast of Washington. Her performative sculptures interact with environments in the margins, where humans and nature rub together leaving a sometimes-messy residue. An intensely strong physical work ethic was formed growing up in Iowa. This physicality and fortitude shows up in her sculptural works. Currently Dawn is exploring what makes people want to take part in treks, feats of endurance for activism and action, spurring change through what seems ridiculous, unimaginable or impossible. She uses her work to reflect thoughts on maintaining a sense of drive through political and environmental doom. She has a MFA from the College of Visual and Performing Arts at The University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth. She has exhibited widely in the US, Grounds for Sculpture, Disjecta and the Portland Biennial, shown internationally and lectured in the US, China and Brazil.