Desiree Moore

Art Discipline: 
Indianapolis, IN
United States
Dates of Residence: 
Jan 18, 2016 to Feb 12, 2016

From the flat lands of Indiana, I too, am a transplant, a snowbird. By the end of my first rainy season, my blood had thinned and my Floridian friends dubbed me an honorary "tropicannibal." This was the petri dish out of which I forged my MFA in Film/Video and Digital Arts in 2013 and came to understand my artistic process in an important way: through time, color, and site. My films have shown nationally and internationally. My film Over and Under and Through screened at Aesthetica Short Film Festival in the UK. I had the pleasure to direct What the Bringback Brought, debut film project by internationally recognized artist Trenton Doyle Hancock. I recently completed a fruitful residency at Hub-Bub in South Carolina. Along with my independent work, I am one half of the collaborative team DENT. My hobbies include: looking at light and shadows, chasing waterfalls, and saving small animals.