Dr. Tracy J. Prince

Art Discipline: 
Portland, OR
United States
Dates of Residence: 
Oct 28, 2019 to Nov 8, 2019

Historian Dr. Tracy J. Prince is a Portland State University professor, a Fulbright Specialist (Malta), and the author of Culture Wars in British Literature and 3 books on Oregon history. Her mixed-race heritage has drawn her to race and social equity issues which she has taught in Canada, the US, and Turkey, with extensive research time in England, Australia, South Africa, and France. Wisdom of the Elders tv program has featured her groundbreaking research on Native American history. https://vimeo.com/269970871  She likes to sing, dig around in archives, and talk to folks about the olden days.

Dr. Prince is currently writing a narrative non-fiction book, Might Oughta Keep Singin’—about breast cancer and the roots music of the South told through four generations in the Arkansas Delta region and their legacy of harmonizing, cotton pickin’, racial quagmires, preachers, heathen, and church ladies.


Permanent Collection: 
Dr, Tracy Prince at US Embassy / Malta