Henrietta Goodman

Art Discipline: 
Missoula, MT
United States
Dates of Residence: 
Jul 30, 2007 to Aug 10, 2007

University of Montana, Missoula, MT. M.A. Literature, May, 1998 and MFA Poetry, May, 1994 University of North Carolina, Charlotte, NC. BA English, 1991 Central Piedmont Community College, Charlotte, NC. AA, 1989. "I consider my poems to be in the post-confessional mode. I often apply an analytic, even clinical approach to personal narrative and to the boundaries between inner and outer landscapes. I'm interested in the connection between-but also the distance between-emotion and situation and the way that this junction/disjunction leads from personal experience to the creation of the poem. I sometimes use persona to deliberately undercut the personal elements of my work, and my juxtaposition of imagery exerts cinematic pressure on subject/theme. My central themes are familial and sexual love, motherhood, and loss. Many of my poems explore the often inexplicable ties of one individual to another through the use of elements drawn from fairy tales, physics, and visual art."

Permanent Collection: