Inga Chinilina

Art Discipline: 
Providence, RI
United States
Dates of Residence: 
Dec 9, 2024 to Dec 20, 2024

Inga Chinilina is a composer, improviser, and pianist based in Providence, Rhode Island. Inga’s music reflects on a range of social topics such as immigration, womanhood, and ecology. Her compositional practice spans acoustic and electroacoustic (fixed and real-time) realms with instrumentation from solo instruments to orchestra. In addition to stand-alone music pieces, Inga also makes installations, music for dance, and film. Ensembles that performed Inga’s work include Jack Quartet, ICE Ensemble, and Dal Niente. In her scholarly work, Inga explores how composers represent sound entities that bare emotional meaning and possess complex timbre through the use of Western-European instruments.