A. Jacob Galle

A. Jacob
Art Discipline: 
Bowdoinham, ME
United States
Dates of Residence: 
Jan 29, 2007 to Mar 23, 2007

"I create work. I perform acts of invented labor and explore aspects of respect within the context of work, replacing the often romanticized view of the artist with a laborer. My life as a farmer, woodsman, and worker informs my art. The laborious actions, repetitions, rest and break periods, and the possibility of failure within work are of particular interest to me. I challenge myself by translating these episodes of labor and rest in to moving images, audible events, performances, or created environments. I feel it is important to reflect upon my routines. There is a certain irony in viewing art, a time dedicated to leisure, when the art itself examines work. Additionally, I am attracted by exploring social and behavioral expectations in gallery settings and constructed spaces in relation to each other and the architecture itself. Examining these ideas of the real, the art, and the fake and where they intersect within spaces are of particular interest to me."