Jay (Yair) Vilnai

Jay (Yair)
Art Discipline: 
Brooklyn, NY
United States
Dates of Residence: 
Oct 3, 2011 to Oct 14, 2011
Jul 16, 2018 to Jul 27, 2018

A composer, conductor and performer with a unique background and versatile abilities, Jay Vilnai's music is at once new and familiar, drawing on everything from Balkan folk music, a long lineage of jazz styles and Western concert music. It reflects the current, vital generation of Brooklyn artists in the 21st century - a generation that explores how a plurality of heritages adds up to something meaningful and beautiful. Vilnai received the John Cage Award at the Brooklyn College Conservatory. He was composer in residence for the college's Contemporary Music Ensemble, directed by Ursula Oppens, and with the conservatory's orchestra. He has been commissioned by ai ensemble, trombonist Jen Baker and video artist Elizabeth Hamby. His compositions have been performed around the country, most notably by CUNY's CME, and the OMNI Ensemble. He leads Vampire Suit, an improvising chamber quintet that combines his interests in Balkan music with contemporary, detailed chamber writing.