Jilly Morris

Art Discipline: 
United Kingdom
Dates of Residence: 
Mar 19, 2007 to May 4, 2007

My recent pieces merge unusual combinations such as: stitch and enamel; paper clay and wire; porcelain slip and canvas. Drawing is a vital component of my practice; through translation and juxtaposition, I aspire to blur the boundaries between craft and art. I recently completed an MA in which I researched the wounded body. I find my interest embodied in such geographies; mappings of memories; tokens of life that mark the exterior and interior. Whether a simple cut or a major scar, a story is told and a moment remembered; the body both holds and maps the truth of the experience. Working from a neutral palette these 'bodyscapes' convey a quiet, spiritual essence; however on closer inspection there is a darker edge revealed, whilst wire protrudes or intravenously penetrates. My work is highly tactile, fusing a wide range of media that builds layers of textures, rhythms and forms. I often use repetition to emphasize; each repetition gives uniqueness. Each contains its own breath, its own moment.