Jonathan Marshall

Art Discipline: 
Austin, TX
United States
Dates of Residence: 
Jul 2, 2007 to Jul 27, 2007

I have always been influenced by films, pop music, literature, historical events, and the current pandemic uneasiness involved with the possible destruction of our planet via the American way of life. Recently however, I have combined these ideas to create my own mythological narrative.

The basics of this mythology follow: -The story takes place in a world whose present is not unlike our possible future. -A large storm comes (called El Nada), and wipes out most of civilization. -Several seafaring protagonists are left behind to make sense of the rubble and massive flooding, and search for the Fountain of Youth (a spaceship at Cape Canaveral, FL that travels at the speed of light, thus promising eternal life. These icons and characters reference aspects of public consciousness and our culture. Aside from a narrative of my own design, the images are a picture of what our collective cultural consciousness might look like. In this capacity they function as a document of our culture, filtered through my own understanding as a consumer of our shared present and comprehension of the past.

Permanent Collection: