Kyle Motl

Art Discipline: 
San Diego, CA
United States
Dates of Residence: 
Sep 23, 2019 to Oct 4, 2019

Kyle Motl is a bassist, composer, and improviser active across the fields of improvised and contemporary art music. His work explores issues of chaos and complexity through rhythmic and spectral transformations while remaining grounded in an embodied approach to performance and a direct engagement with materials. Kyle regularly gives solo concerts which expand upon the vast timbral resources of the double bass.

Touring and performing frequently, Kyle’s music has been presented at festivals and conferences including Bass2018 Lucca, the Darmstadt Fereinkurse, Festival Internacional de Música Experimental, and Subtropics. His records as composer/improviser were featured on best-of lists by the Free Jazz Blog, Perfect Sound Forever, and Tom Hull.

Kyle holds a BM from Florida Atlantic University and an MM from Florida International University. He holds a DMA from UC San Diego, where he studied bass with Mark Dresser and composition with Anthony Davis.