Nicole Maloof

Art Discipline: 
New York, NY
United States
Dates of Residence: 
Nov 28, 2016 to Dec 16, 2016

Nicole Maloof works within an interdisciplinary practice, encompassing drawing, printmaking, and video. Maloof plays with the rigidity of categorical boundaries, an aspect of language that helps to stabilize power structures. In her work, bodies, history, memory, and science bleed into one another. Through humor, Maloof weaves together narratives, using brightly colored lines and screenshots of the internet, to point to political frameworks around race, gender, postcolonialism, and empiricism. Born in Korea and raised in Massachusetts, Maloof received a BFA in painting and a BA in chemistry. After graduation, Maloof worked on organic chemistry research, taught in Korea for two years, and then moved to New York where she earned her MFA in the visual arts. Maloof currently lives and works in New York.