Paula Wallace

Art Discipline: 
United States
Dates of Residence: 
Feb 4, 2008 to Feb 8, 2008
Feb 2, 2010 to Feb 27, 2010

Paula Wallace is a working artist maintaining a studio at the Hot Shops Art Center in Omaha, Nebraska. In addition to fine art, Paula has worked as an illustrator and muralist, curator and arts facilitator. She has been involved in liturgical and public art, interior design and privately commissioned work. Much of her art has its genesis in literature, theatre, music, or the spiritual. As a studio artist, her goals include the refinement of technique and an expansion of thematic material to include visual imagery for both traditional and non-traditional illustration and art in contextual settings. While most of her work is figurative with an emphasis on the human face, her range of styles may be representational to whimsical. Art is the language of her work: to delight in beauty and to share the human experience are aspects of that language. Her work is held in private collections internationally.

Permanent Collection: