Rasha Abdulhadi

Art Discipline: 
United States
Dates of Residence: 
Apr 1, 2024 to Apr 19, 2024

Bio: Rasha Abdulhadi is calling on you, dear reader, to join them in refusing and resisting the genocide of the Palestinian people. Wherever you are, whatever sand you can throw on the gears of genocide, do it now. If it's a handful, throw it. If it's a fingernail full, scrape it out and throw. Get in the way. The elimination of the Palestinian people is not inevitable. We can refuse with our every breath and action. We must.

Image description: A painted portrait in which a genderqueer Palestinian person with long wavy black hair that has a pale streak in front is staring directly at the viewer from against a fiery orange background. They are wearing black lipstick, large horn-rimmed glasses, and a grey and black rippled scarf. A turquoise stud earring is visible on their left ear.