Ryan Standfest

Art Discipline: 
Detroit, MI
United States
Dates of Residence: 
Jul 24, 2023 to Aug 18, 2023

Ryan Standfest’s work concerns the trauma of modernity, grappling with the residual pain and loss that defines our national post-industrial landscapes. He is an artist, writer, and the editor-in-chief and publisher of Rotland Press, with prints and publications in  numerous permanent collections. He has exhibited widely, both in the United States and abroad. For Rotland Press, Standfest has edited a collection of comic strips by filmmaker and artist David Lynch, the writings of Polish filmmaker and animation pioneer Walerian Borowcyck, two volumes of political prints by artist and activist Sue Coe, and a collection of early, unseen cartoons by Swiss artist H.R. Giger. Standfest recently contributed a chapter examining dark humor in 1960s American culture to the book Radical Dreams: Surrealism, Counterculture, Resistance, edited by Elliott H. King and Abigail Susik (Penn State University Press, 2022). He is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Art at Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan.