Samuel J Adams

Art Discipline: 
Bowling Green, KY
United States
Dates of Residence: 
Sep 24, 2018 to Oct 26, 2018

Samuel J Adams recently completed his MFA in fiction at Bowling Green State University. His recent stories appear or are forthcoming in Spork, Ruminate, BULL, Literary Orphans, Right Hand Pointing, Beecher's, Coffin Bell, New World Writing, and elsewhere. Before doing his MFA, he co-managed a vocational program for adults with disabilities in the Napa Valley, erected tents for social functions in Olympia, Washington, and taught English to teenagers in Tapa, Estonia. He is presently working—in his scattered and freewheeling but doggedly productive manner—on two chapbooks, two novellas, one novel, two plays, and approximately twenty-six stories. He was born in Tokyo, Japan and grew up in northern California.