Sariah Ha

Art Discipline: 
Diamond Bar, CA
United States
Dates of Residence: 
Dec 31, 2007 to Jan 31, 2008

"As an artist, I try to convey my innermost thoughts and feelings through my subjects. The key to the expression of my own identity and cultural struggles is the use of Asian Americans as the subject of my work. I characterize each subject with one emotion and I do my best to have those feelings grasp the viewer. In that way, I reveal my "self-expression" through other Asian Americans. To me, the process is what matters: the experience of shaping my artwork. As my portraits transmit the inner workings of Asian Americans, I cannot help but feel confined and guilty. It is almost as if all my expressions are seen as taboo and to illustrate this, my figures are constricted to a specific amount of space. My artwork is a way of expressing the optimism and introspection, innocence, wisdom, grace and complexity of my life. It is the voice I cannot use to speak, it is the dream I envision, and it is the expression of my belief. The final impact I hope to achieve is to define who I am, a Korean-American."