Sayaka Suzuki

Art Discipline: 
Richmond, VA
United States
Dates of Residence: 
Jul 30, 2007 to Aug 10, 2007

Fall 2005-Present: Adjunct faculty: Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA teaching Introduction and Advanced Glass Kiln-Working, Introduction to Glass Blowing. 

Selected exhibitions/publications in 2006 "Dispersal Tactics" Artspace, Richmond, VA; "Fluff My Pillow" Inns of Virginia, Richmond, VA; "That Moment and This Moment: Works by Marya Roland and Sayaka Suzuki" William King Regional Arts Center, Abingdon, VA; "The Provincial Spirit Exhibition" Grand Forks Art Gallery, Canada; "3 Cities Against the Wall" Montreal, QC, Canada; "EnvironMent" Reynolds Gallery, Richmond, VA; "Chance Encounters" School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA; "907" Anderson Gallery, Richmond, VA; "Activist Art Show" University of Richmond, VA; "Food Activism" Sustainable Eating Magazine, Volume 2 professional studies. 

"A quintessential modern person living in the global age: criss-crossing borderlines and flying across the great oceans. I have moved around all my life, having uplifted my roots from Japan twenty years ago. Through this physical mobility and the mobility of cyber space, I have come upon many places, lives, and worlds. Always on the other side looking in: partially involved, partially left out.

My work is based on these investigations, investigations of my world and in turn, how we live as a society.

My work is a theatrical space, an experience that is created for personal discoveries. At times my work is commemorative, at other times it reflects urgency, and often times it provides a reflective moment. But all of which hopefully transforms a space into a moment of discovery. The works capture the processes of remembering, celebrating, and acknowledging, while simultaneously imagining our capacity to function as philanthropists. All reflect the world of possibilities. Through using materials that reflect the sensibility and sensitivity of human hands, such as hand worked glass and fabric, I work to give concrete proof of our existence.

Like the silent movies of the past, I hope to create experiences that resonate, experiences that remain personal to the viewers."

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