Sophia Munic

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United States
Dates of Residence: 
Jan 3, 2022 to Feb 11, 2022

Sophia Munic is a multimedia artist who works predominantly with fibers. Sophia studied Sculpture at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington, and has been in residence with Laboratory Spokane, the Pacific Science Center, and Franconia Sculpture Park.  Sophia is currently an artist in residence at NE Sculpture Gallery Factory, and a Teaching Assistant at the Textile Center. Sophia’s work examines the intersection of pattern making, play and comfort to extend our vocabulary of whimsy. By interacting with the work as a means to understand its “function”, these objects activate our sense of wonder. Sophia often refuses past sculptures and found materials altering the objects as if to put a kaleidoscope onto nostalgia that allow the viewer to project fragments of memories onto the piece. To view more of Sophia’s work visit