William Mark Sommer

William Mark
Art Discipline: 
Loomis, CA
United States
Dates of Residence: 
Jul 15, 2024 to Aug 9, 2024

William Mark Sommer is a visual artist creating along and through America's Highways. Embracing spontaneity within an intuitive practice along the road, Sommer seeks to engage and come together with these spaces that were bypassed by society, much like his hometown of Loomis, California. In creating photographic works through the road, Sommer seeks to bring attention to the left behind to promote preservation and love of these unique people and rural spaces. Through creatively traversing the United States, Sommer has developed multiple photographic projects that engage with themes of human nature, preservation, empathy and time.

Through Sommer’s fifteen years of creating within analog photography, he has utilized a democratic perspective of exhibition; sharing works through an open and unbiased way in community exhibitions, museum exhibitions, public displays, social media and the book form.