“The Breached Macrocosm” Concludes Jave Yoshimoto's Tulsa Artist Fellowship

"Ephermeral Propinquity" (2017) - Gouache on paper, JAVE YOSHIMOTO
“Land of Freedom, Home of Courageous” (2018) – Laser engraved and cut digital illustration, glue, varnish on wood (12x24x1 in).  JAVE YOSHIMOTO

“The Breached Macrocosm” Concludes Jave Yoshimoto's Tulsa Artist Fellowship

Thursday, January 3, 2019

KHN Alumni Resident Artist (2012), Jave Yoshimoto, just completed a 2017-2018 Tulsa Artist Fellowship and concluded his time in Tulsa with the powerful show, "The Breached Macrocosm" (TAC Gallery).

"The intricate, laser-engraved wood reliefs and brilliantly-colored paintings focus on social issues that have left an imprint on the artist’s life—like his experience helping refugees.

'Art to me is kind of a healing experience, because I think the world is a traumatic place to exist in. Trying to figure out how to navigate and get through each day,' Yoshimoto said. With that in mind, the 2017 Tulsa Artist Fellow says his highest objective is to create an opportunity for the viewer to pause, look, and empathize. 'If I can just get them to stop and think for a minute, I think I did my job.'"  (From the article "Active Looking: Jave Yoshimoto's Radical Empathy" via The Tulsa Voice - read more in the linked article below)

To see his latest works, including the laser-carved relief series he brought forth during his time as a Tulsa Artist Fellow, please visit his website.  Also linked below are articles about the artist as well as a youtube interview where he discusses his latest work.