Amina Gautier's "The Loss of All Lost Things" Named Among Top 150 Best Books of the Decade

Amina Gautier's "The Loss of All Lost Things" Named Among Top 150 Best Books of the Decade

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

KHN Alum (2014 and 2018), Amina Gautier's book, "The Loss of All Lost Things" has been named one of the Top 150 Bestsellers / 150 Best Books of the Decade by SPD (Small Press Distribution). 

Amina Gautier’s THE LOSS OF ALL LOST THINGS is a short story collection that illuminates the beauty that can be found in inconsolable loss. Gautier leads us through terrible reality but leaves us with the promise of hope and redemption. The stories explore the unpredictable ways in which characters negotiate, experience, and manage various forms of loss. They lose loved ones; they lose security and self-worth; they lose children; they lose their ability to hide and shield their emotions; they lose their reputations and their life savings. Often depicting the awkward moments when characters are torn between decision and outcome, this collection focuses on moments of regret and yearning.

Contest judge of the Elixir Press 2014 Fiction Award, Phong Nguyen, offered this review: “Literary fiction that grips us and won’t let us go is notoriously rare. To offer us complex emotional experience and riveting narrative momentum, and then to leave the reader in contemplation of its sophisticated themes and subtle weave of objective correlatives… that is the stuff of literary greatness, of art that demands to be read in conversation with the canon… Gautier’s stories have you by the throat, and they surprise you with their mercy.”

Amina Gautier, Ph.D. is the author of three award-winning short story collections: THE LOSS OF ALL LOST THINGS, Now We Will Be Happy, and At-Risk. For her body of work Gautier received the PEN/MALAMUD AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN THE SHORT STORY in 2018, becoming the first African American woman to win the prestigious award. Dr. Gautier has been the recipient of numerous other prizes, grants, has been awarded many residencies, fellowships, and scholarships and published a record number of short stories. She received her BA and MA from Stanford University, and another MA and PhD at the University of Pennsylvania. She was born and raised in Brooklyn NY. She is a native New Yorker who currently lives in Chicago and Miami. 

All info on Dr. Gautier and The Loss of All Lost Things via her website (see below), and you can read more about other publications as well as her bio on her website or in her bio in our Resident Directory.

Congatulations, Amina!



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