Betsy Andrews announces Global Poemic: Open Call

Betsy Andrews announces Global Poemic: Open Call

Friday, July 31, 2020

US-based poet/curator Betsy Andrews (2018 & 2008 Alum) and India-based poet/curator VK Sreelesh invite poets the world over to contribute to Global Poemic: Kindred Voices on the Era of COVID-19.

Project Mission: We face an unprecedented era of extremity under Covid-19. We share that as humans. Our stories differ across nation and other structures that web the human world. We can witness from where we are and share what we witness. Let’s write as one world of poets.

Submission Guidelines:

1) Please email 1 – 5 previously unpublished poems and a brief bio to, or through the blog contact form. The curators may also solicit poems from poets. Poems are accepted and published on an ongoing basis.

2) For poems in languages other than English, please provide an English translation. Both the original and the translation will be published if accepted.

3) We are looking for poems of any form that engage with this era of global pandemic. We welcome poems that recognize the multifarious, complicated, messy nature of the human condition. We do not welcome, and will not publish, poems that peddle hatred or bigotry of any kind.

According to Andrews, the poet/curator team is also sourcing original artwork to accompany poems and encourages visual artists to reach out if they are interested in submitting work.