Christopher Reiger's New Work and Upcoming Shows

Christopher Reiger's New Work and Upcoming Shows

Friday, September 27, 2019

KHN Alum Christopher Reiger (2009) announces new work in upcoming shows as well as the release of his new, updated website and online print shop.

ENCOUNTERS - Honoring the Animal in Ourselves

Christopher has three works from his Familiar series in this recently-opened group exhibition. In conjunction with the Encounters exhibition, Christopher participated in a special program exploring “the intersection of animals and art making and how our local ecology shapes our experience of being human.” 

Dates: September 14 – December 29, 2019

Venue: Palo Alto Art Center (1313 Newell Rd., Palo Alto)


"Between 2016-2018, I worked at a synagogue in San Francisco. As part of that job, I created illustrations inspired by the weekly Torah portion, or parsha. Each Shabbat (the Jewish Sabbath), the artwork appeared on the cover of the service pamphlet, along with an expository note about the image and its inspiration. In all, I created over 112 illustrations. Because I created each illustration with its destination - a pamphlet cover – in mind, I felt the illustrations should *not* be displayed on their own; they are meant to appear framed by text. This preference gave rise to the poster format, which best reflects the project’s constituent parts: interpretation, illustration, and design." (Christopher Reiger/newsletter)

A selection of these posters is now on view at the Jewish Community Library in San Francisco.

Dates: August 8 – November 14, 2019
Artist reception: Thursday, September 26, 2019, 6:30–8 p.m.
Venue: Jewish Community Library (1835 Ellis St., SF)

Christopher’s visual art has been widely exhibited in the United States, and his work has been written about in numerous print and online publications. He has also contributed art criticism to print and online journals, and his essays and short-form pieces about art and natural history are published in books, art and culture magazines, and online journals, as well as on his now-retired blog, Hungry Hyaena (2005-2014). In 2011, Christopher cofounded BAASICS (Bay Area Art & Science Interdisciplinary Collaborative Sessions), a nonprofit organization dedicated to exploring contemporary topics through the juxtaposition of art and science.

Christopher lives in Northern California with his wife and two young sons. (bio exerpt from the artist's website)

Congratulations, Christopher!