Erika Dreifus announces publication of Birthright

Erika Dreifus announces publication of Birthright

Monday, December 9, 2019

KHN Alum (2003) Erika Dreifus announces the publication of her latest book, and first poetry collection, Birthright, released by Kelsay Books in November 2019. 

"The poems in Birthright, Erika Dreifus’s first poetry collection, embody multiple legacies: genetic, historical, religious, and literary. Through the lens of one person’s experience of inheritance, the poems suggest ways in which all of us may be influenced in how we perceive and process our lives and times. Here, a poet claims what is hers as a child of her particular parents; as a grandchild of refugees from Nazi Germany; as a Jew, a woman, a Gen Xer, and a New Yorker; as a reader of the Bible and Shakespeare and Flaubert and Lucille Clifton. This poet’s birthright is as unique as her DNA. But it resonates far beyond herself." (via

Watch her website (below) for additional news and events, and follow her on Twitter @erikadreifusbooks, where she tweets on "matters bookish and/or Jewish."

Congratulations, Erika!