Jessica Witte Announces New Show, "It Hits Home: Parenting Amid A Pandemic"

Jessica Witte Announces New Show, "It Hits Home: Parenting Amid A Pandemic"

Monday, June 29, 2020

KHN Alumnx (2005 and 2018) Jessica Witte has announced her latest work is showing along with work by Christine A. Holtz. It Hits Home: Parenting Amid A Pandemic is open now and available by appointment through August 1st at St. Louis, MO's The Gallery at the Kranzberg Arts Center.

About the Show: "The current Covid-19 pandemic reveals the difficulty, labor dynamics, and joys of family life. As the national health crisis redefines our homes and what we value, many parents struggling to hold jobs have been forced to become full-time caregivers, teachers, tech support, and emotional support to their children. Artists Jessica Witte and Christine Holtz highlight the chaos and catharsis of parenthood amplified by the current situation. Both use their children as subject matter and inspiration; often using repetition to speak to the mundane. The investment of time in the hand-embroidered cloth and floor quilt drawings spotlight the work of caregiving. Both artists are teaching online, homeschooling their children, and making art in response to this new normal."

Per Jessica, "The artwork is now viewable through the large windows streetside (lit up at night, so you can visit anytime) and also available by appointment with the Director of Visual Infrastructure through July 10th. This is just a starting point and more dates can be added. I'm so grateful to be able to create and share work during this time." 

It Hits Home: Christine A. Holtz and Jessica Witte   

The Gallery at the Kranzberg Arts Center

501 N Grand

St. Louis Mo. 63103

Jessica also announced that her work is showing in August 2020 at St. Louis Lambert International Airport, and in an interactive event commission for Northern Illinois University Art Museum, Fall 2020.

Jessica Witte is a Nationally-recognized artist, educator, speaker, and art workshop facilitator living and working in St. Louis, MO. Her show / interactive installation, Seeds of Change, was recognized by Americans for the Arts in its 2017 Year in Review. 

Congratulations, Jessica!




photo credits: the artist and headshot by by Katie Prestemon