Jonathan Herrera Soto announces "In Between / Underneath (Entremedio / Por Debjo)" and "CarryOn Homes"

Jonathan Herrera Soto announces "In Between / Underneath (Entremedio / Por Debjo)" and "CarryOn Homes"

Friday, August 2, 2019

KHN Alum (2019) Jonathan Herrera Soto has announced the opening of his solo exhibition, "In Between / Underneath (Entremedio / Por Debjo)." Herrera Soto has been working on this MAEP (Minnesota Arts Exhibition Program) Solo Exhibition for a year, including during his recent residency at KHN. 

In Between / Underneath (Entremedio / Por Debjo)

U.S Bank Gallery, Minneapolis Institute of Art

Exhibition runs: July 18, 2019 - November 3, 2019

"Jonathan Herrera Soto [has created] a new rendition of his installation 'In Between / Underneath (Entremedio / Por Debajo).' The work [depicts] recently murdered and missing Mexican journalists, highlighting the record number of journalists killed. In exploring our relationship with complicated and often distant systems of state-sponsored violence, the exhibition invites audiences to interact with the faces representing the politically dispossessed—people who have disappeared, are incarcerated, or were executed." (

At the show's opening reception, "journalist Steve Fisher (talked) about the importance of freedom of the press—in the United States and Mexico. Fisher has done in-depth reporting on human rights in Mexico, most notably on the mass kidnapping of 43 students in the city of Iguala in 2014 and the subsequent arrest of 22 municipal police officers. Following the talk, Fisher and Herrera Soto opened up the floor for a Q&A and conversation with the audience. Steve Fisher is a freelance investigative print reporter/documentary producer based in Mexico City. He has written for the Washington Post, L.A. Times, Mother Jones Magazine, National Geographic, Huffington Post, Newsweek, Proceso Magazine, and Telemundo among other outlets. Fisher was previously a fellow of the Investigative Reporting Program at University of California, Berkeley" (Jonathan Herrera Soto)

Herrera Soto is also curator for the upcoming event, Mn Artists Presents: CarryOn Homes, on August 29th. Mn Artists is Walker Art Center (MN)'s platform for local artists.

Mn Artists Presents: CarryOn Homes

Walker Art Center

August 29th, 5 pm

"CarryOn Homes invites local artists who have experienced immigration or emigration to the Walker Art Center, in order to explore questions about how institutional education systems shape us and discover possible paths for reeducation. By observing the way different cultures relate to public spaces and education, this project asks what actions can be taken to subvert assumed dynamics and reveal hidden histories. For this one-night event, the halls of the museum will be converted into an experimental classroom for artists to engage and share resources with guests." (

Congratulations, Jonathan!

(exhibition photo: In Between / Underneath, stencil prints incorperating residue of unfired clay, measurements vary, 25 x 40” each, 2018-2019 /