laura c carlson Show Openings and Grant Award

laura c carlson Show Openings and Grant Award

Friday, September 27, 2019

KHN Alum laura c carlson (2017) announces their award of an art grant from the Puffin Foundation in support of carlson's research on the Texas Hornshell mussel. Along with this exciting grant award/news, carlson announces the following openings:


Opening Reception: Sept 28, 6-8pm @ 516 ARTS, ABQ, NM

September 28-December 28, 2019

"I am honored to be a commissioned artist in Species in Peril, an exhibition exploring how the river connects us across borders and disciplines, and is designed to provide education and spur dialogue around pressing ecological issues of our time, and specific to the Rio Grande watershed. Curated by Subhankar Banerjee and Josie Lopez." (first image)


Opening Reception: Nov 8, 5-7pm @ John Sommers Gallery, ABQ, NM

November 5-15

"Erin Gould, laura c carlson, Tommy Bruce, and nicholas b jacobsen team up to explore umwelt, or how our more-than-human-kin experience the world. Can umwelt help us embody multispecies empathy? Is it an inevitable human failure to connect?" (third image)

WE ARE ALL LICHEN: toward a resurgent symbiosis

"Commissioned for the inaugural year of Art Park 21 with a generous support  from the City of Albuquerque - Thank you to Open Space Visitor Center for being home to WAAL for the last six months! Featuring seven lichen-dyed and embroidered banners and a small publication, We are all Lichen asks how we can create-together for a resurgent world?" (all quotes: laura c. carlson via newsletter / second image)

Congratulations, laura!