Mychaelyn Michalec: From A Basement On A Hill

Mychaelyn Michalec: From A Basement On A Hill

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

The Contemporary Dayton presents the premiere of a new body of work by Mychaelyn Michalec (KHN alum 2020). The exhibition, From A Basement On A Hill, consists of embroidered “drawings” and deeply textured tufted rug “paintings” that conflate issues of craft and cultural value. Using her own family as her primary subject, she depicts those closest to her, illustrating moments of simultaneous disconnection and connection; the paradigm of the contemporary American family.

The show opened on August 6 and will be on display in the Contemporary Dayton's Ira and Susan Thomsen Family Gallery through October 24th.

Check out the Co's video, IN STUDIO: MYCHAELYN MICHALECfor an in-depth look at Michalec's work and studio practice.

Congratulations Mychaelyn!