Rob Scheps Announces New Albums, Interview Series via Live Jazz KC, and More

Rob Scheps Announces New Albums, Interview Series via Live Jazz KC, and More

Monday, June 15, 2020

KHN Alumnx (2003) Rob Scheps, composer, educator, and performer/musician (tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute), announces new work and interview series.

Rob has recorded two new cd's in Kansas City to be released later in 2020 and in 2021. He just completed two commissioned big band arrangements of music by guitarist, John Stowell. He also announced his recent concerts and workshops, as well as his new interview series, "Convo Improvvo."

Rob's two new CD's: Comencio via Steeplechase Records, and Rob Scheps Core-tet LiveComencio is available worldwide on disc and via download at Amazon, Apple i-Tunes, and other platforms.

Rob recently curated a series of Jazz Interviews with well-known jazz stars. The Series is titled "Convo Improvvo". The site is listed below, via Live Jazz KC. The interviews can be viewed in real time, or afterwards, on Facebook Live, or on the website. So far in the series, Rob has interviewed Mark Egan, Miles & Noah Evans, Bill Goodwin, Roger Rosenberg, Bobby Watson, Glen Moore, Sheila Jordan, and Eliot Zigmund. Coming up soon: Rob's interviews with Eubanks (July 7) and Cameron Brown (July 12), and later he will feature Greg Gisbert, Alex Harding, Billy Harper,Chuck Israels, Scott Wendholt. In speaking on the series, Rob says "I try to use my experience as a musician, friend and colleague to draw out interesting stories from their personal history, while creating a new archive of interviews as a historic document of these masters."

Rob shared news of his recent worldwide concerts and workshops, which occurred before COVID-19; Rob is now teaching online. Prior to COVID-19 event changes, he was recently in concert in Oslo (Norway), Portland and Baker City (OR), Seattle, Tacoma, and Olympia (WA), NYC, Stone Ridge and Woodstock (NY), Kansas City (MO), Bozeman (MT), Honolulu (HI), Denver (CO), Wakefield (MA), and Teaneck (NJ). Rob also held clinics at UCM- Warrensburg (MO), University of Montana - Bozeman, Washburn University- Topeka (KS), Washington State Univ. - Pullman (WA), Base Station 68- Red Hook, (NY), Moanalua Middle School - Honolulu (HI), and Eastern Oregon Univ. - LaGrande (OR).

Rob Scheps is a reknowned artist with his own citation in The Encyclopedia of Jazz.  He has performed with legends such as Aretha Franklin, Buddy Rich, Gil Evans, and John Abercrombie.  He tours actively worldwide, and leads bands in New York, Seattle, Portland, Kansas City & Honolulu.

To learn more about Rob's music, projects, and for future announcements, follow him on his new website (see link below).

Congratuations, Rob!