Sarah E. Brook announces Installation, Public Art Commission, Fellowship, and New Studio Space

Sarah E. Brook announces Installation, Public Art Commission, Fellowship, and New Studio Space

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

KHN Alum (2015) Sarah E. Brook announces a new public art commission, the installation of a permanent work, a Fellowship, and a new studio space. 


"Early in 2017 I began work with Crystal Park in Holmes, NY on Align, a permanent sculpture in new materials: glass and steel.  I loved working with the transparency of the glass and creating visual passageways through the piece. We completed the installation in September!  The Park will be open for the ArtEast Open Studios Tour on 10/19-10/20 and 10/26-10/27.  The sculpture can also be viewed by appointment." (see image, all quotes and details via Sarah E. Brook's newsletter)

In additional news from the artist: "New York City awarded me the commission to create a permanent work on the West 231st Street Step Street site in the Bronx!  The piece will integrate the site's geological and sociocultural landscapes.  Sculptural reference to the underlying bedrock will highlight how natural topography still significantly impacts urban life.  Poetry from local Bronx writers will bring the rich culture of the community into the physical piece: poems will be cut from the metal panels allowing light through the text.  The metalwork will feature custom-painted color gradients and matte mirroring to draw the light and atmosphere of the site down into the piece.  Anticipated completion, spring of 2022!" (Sarah E. Brook)

Brook has been awarded a fellowship for 2019-2020 at the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Art. Leslie-Lohman supports queer artists in all disciplines, and curates incredible exhibitions, readings and performances.  With a cohort of 10 other artists/Fellows, Brook will receive a year of professional development and queer art historical study.

Brook also has announced her new studio space in Brooklyn, NY. Curators Peter Gynd, Monica King and Massey Klein Gallery named Brook's studio one of their top 10 to visit this year.

Sarah E. Brook
TI Art Studios
183 Lorraine, #19
Brooklyn, NY, 11231

Congratulations, Sarah!