WORK/STUDY - Kelli Rae Adams

WORK/STUDY - Kelli Rae Adams

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

KHN Alum (2019) Kelli Rae Adams has announced her exhibition, WORK/STUDY, is on display at The University of Central Missouri (UCM)'s Gallery of Art and Design. Some works in this exhibition were completed while Kelli was a resident at KHN. 

WORK/STUDY - KELLI RAE ADAMS will be up until February 4th. Adams will be giving an artist talk about this body of work; her artist talk / reception is scheduled for February 4th at 4pm. 

"Work/Study confronts the phenomenon of student debt in the United States in three distinct but related ways. One is the material data visualization created by the accretion of bowls. They represent my own effort of repayment, applied to the average individual student debt of $37,000; the bowls demarcate the volume, in coins, of this sum. The second is a collaborative act of collection, wherein participants offer up their household spare change to contribute to the work’s completion in exchange for an eventual return in the form of a bowl. This engagement mirrors the reverberations of student debt in the economy at large, which affect us all. The third, a triptych of oversized sheets of notebook paper composed of dollar bills, is a personal reflection on my own financial history in relationship to my first encounter with educational debt twenty years ago." (Kelli Rae Adams / UCM exhibit page)

To learn more, please visit exhibit page link below. Be sure to check her website for future dates and locations TBA for this exhibition, as she will be traveling with WORK/STUDY. 

Congratulations. Kelli!