Susan Moore

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Nebraska City, NE
United States

Iowa native, Susan Moore, practices the Arts of painting and drawing. Receiving her Bachelors of Fine Arts from Iowa State University, she began teaching through a teaching assistantship program. Following her practices at Iowa State University, Moore devoted her focus to her art and her outreach in the community through artistic events, galleries, and shows. Moore received her Masters of Fine Arts from the University of North Texas, honing her skill and subsequently furthering her teaching practices through the Arts program.

Moore’s artwork focuses on hyperrealism through mediums of oil, acrylic, and watercolor; while presenting the subtle sensations of indulgence. Moore utilizes the complex tools of color and composition to create works which magnify the viewers memories of taste, texture, and aroma. Moore’s work has been showcased and awarded throughout the states as well as abroad through art partnerships, solo exhibitions, group events, juried competitions, non-profit organization events, and community events.

Moore has recently returned to the midwest, settling in Nebraska City with her husband, Brandon, of ten years and three children. Susan Moore has recently started teaching at Peru State College as the professor of Fine Arts also the director of the Peru State College Gallery.

Moore continues the study of her craft as well as enhancing the outreach of the Arts.