Sensations of Indulgence

Sensations of Indulgence

Susan Moore
Monday, January 14, 2019 to Friday, March 1, 2019

The enjoyment of delightful delicacies begins with the anticipation and expectations of that first bite, then leads into the sensations of indulgence...

Susan Moore translates the temporal delight of food into the more enduring satisfaction of painting. Moore manipulates scale, color, and overall composition to emphasize the subject matter.

Sensations of Indulgence, a solo exhibition of oil and acrylic paintings, pushes viewer engagement by relying on one’s personal memories of indulgence. The viewer must bring their own memories to fill in the blanks of the taste, aroma, and textures visually depicted in these paintings. Moore presents a wide range of visual representations of treats such as macarons, cupcakes, donuts, and chocolates. This show encourages one to slow down and savor the sweet moments in life.

Artist Statement:

Painting provides me the stage in which I may present the sensations of indulgences and luxury that one obtains through savoring decadent delights. The intent is to make the sensations linger for a while longer and to unravel the flavors and textures for the viewers’ eyes. Behind the scenes of my process, there is a thorough recreative method. This involves researching the subject and constructing a specific composition, for example: baking macarons, staging and photographing them, before finally engaging in the painting process. At times the food is acquired from other food artists whose passion for food is evident through their deliberate creation and meticulous process. This connection gives purpose and translates my interest in the passion for the art of food.

Painting is a form of communication that translates desires and impressions. The mouthfeel of a spoon, the cool damp of a chilled glass, the warm bite of liquor, the aroma, the texture, the atmosphere are all sensations I consider in my art. I indulge in the art of manipulating paint to read representationally, yet still allowing the paint to dance on the canvas. I keep my subject matter in focus, but I will let other elements of the painting go into impressionism. Composition and scale give my work greater impact, while my use of elevated saturation and contrast creates more “flavors” and intensity. The size, shape, and orientation of the painting is as imperative as the internal image represented. The careful blending of colors instills more significance to the attributes of the painting, making it more luxurious, refined, decadent, and alluring. My intent is to create an intimate experience using memories, sensations, and desires. Scrutiny is given to the small interactions with edges of the surface; places where objects are close or touching, giving a sense of touch and intimacy. Creating passages between objects is a delicate and playful experience in the painting process. I am constantly trying to push the boundaries of intensity in color and fluidity of mark making.

Realism gives me control and focus. This vision is focused on impact, beauty, and elegance. Realism employs illusions to manipulate the viewer into seeing what isn't always there, but what I as the artist want them to see. By giving the hint of a tea cup, the viewers’ mind is left to finish the thought. Along with the paint and canvas, the viewers’ memories and sensations are vital tools for orchestrating my art. This is the beginning of the rest of my work. Looking ahead, I am on the conceptual hunt for what it is that I am painting. I seek understanding and clarity. I want to learn how to be a stronger artist from concept through creation. Life is fleeting, and the goal is to savor the pursuit. - Susan Moore