Resident Testimonials

The quiet, the freedom to use my time however I needed and the respect of both that time and of my creative self and practice, the vast and well-appointed comfortable apartment, and the new city to explore. Having a studio to myself all for writing was also delightful and made me wish I had that at home!

Colleen Hollister
Writer, 2021 - Baltimore, MD

My favorite aspect of the residency was the undistracted, solitary time to work! My studio (#2) was wonderful with both the natural and track lighting and the garage door.

Myszka Lewis
Visual Artist, 2018 — Madison, WI

There's so much I like! I like the intimate nature of the residency and how the very excellent alone time is balanced with just a bit of togetherness with the organized lunch and invites to some stuff in town. I love the Third Thursday open house.

Betsy Andrews
Writer, 2018 — Brooklyn, NY

I thought the number of residents was perfect. It was easy to get to know everyone, and feel comfortable here. Both my living and studio accommodations were very comfortable and welcoming.

Hannah Newman
Visual Artist, 2018 — Springfield, MO

The Staff was very supportive, it was easy to reach out and discuss anything. The facilities are also very comfortable, and the environment is great for working.

Jayoung Yoon
Visual Artist, 2018 — Beacon, NY

The open gallery night was especially wonderful. I really enjoyed the chance to share my work with the larger community and to hear their feedback and questions — as well as to see and hear the work of the other residents.

Sonia Scherr
Writer, 2018 — Norwich, VT

For me, the most valuable aspect was the open structure that allowed for plenty of time and space to make work, make friends, think, read, write and be. The apartment was beautiful, comfortable and inspiring. With the studio only a few steps away, it was easy to be productive.

Katy Mixon
Visual Artist, 2018 — Brooklyn, NY

This place is shockingly quiet. The welcome letter mentions that, but it's nothing compared to the actual silence on the grounds. The town itself aids to this, and it yields an excellent environment for creativity.

Kory Reeder
Composer, 2017 — Kearney, NE

The interdisciplinary structure is really beneficial and generates unique conversations while providing mutual inspiration for residents.  The staff is engaged but is also very conscious of respecting the time and space of each resident.  Nebraska City has excellent institutions but still provides a quiet and slow-paced setting. The apartment and studio are well equipped, clean, and well maintained.

Kari Varner
Visual Artist, 2017 — University City, MO

Facilities, staff, and the ease with which I was able to simply settle in and work all exceeded my expectations!

Lauren W. Westerfield
Writer, 2017 — Moscow, ID