Mary M. Mazziotti's "Wicked Children" on display at Zynka Gallery

Wicked Children: Petunia/2020/hand-embroidery on textile/32” x 43”

Mary M. Mazziotti's "Wicked Children" on display at Zynka Gallery

Friday, August 14, 2020

(2005 alum) Mary M. Mazziotti's “Wicked Children” are currently on display at Zynka Gallery in Sharpsburg, PA in a joint show with painter Zach Brown. According to Zynka Gallery, "This exhibition unities two artists, Mary Mazziotti and Zach Brown, whose work focuses on the darker side of life, death. The Memento Mori (remember death) concept has been explored by artists for centuries. Symbols commonly found in these types of works include skulls, fruit (often rotting), flowers, hour glasses/clocks, and extinguished candles - reminders that our time is fleeting and that life is short."

Mazziotti's text in this series comes from an 1800’s book of admonitions to children. The little stories present the many ways in which boys and girls could meet an untimely end. The images that accompany the text are built from our collective nightmares. The full series can be seen in the informative exhibit catalog (see link below)

On display through Setpember 26, Zynka Gallery is located at 904 Main Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15215 and is open Thursdays: 11am-4pm, Fridays: 11am-4pm Saturdays: 11am-4pm and by appointment.

Congratulations Mary!